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The term "User" applies to anyone cruising and accessing the Site.

Cancri eTech, a player incorporated in the State of British Columbia, Canada, proudly showcases this Site. The use of the Site, including swiping, copying, or doing anything funky with any Materials, is strictly off-limits. By tapping into the Site, you nod in agreement to the rules written in this Terms of Use. If you can't stand these terms, we politely ask you to step away from the Site.

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Cancri eTech rolls with customers, suppliers, and other entities across the globe. Take note that terms like joint venture, partnership, and partner are used for simplicity's sake. They're like shortcuts to signal shared activities and interests and may not always pinpoint exact legal relationships.

Limited Access Vibes

This Website, with all the cool stuff it contains (excluding any applicable third-party materials), is Cancri eTech's turf. Show respect for all the proprietary notices and copyright info, please. Messing around with the Website's vibe, like trying to disrupt its operation, is a big no-no. You're explicitly told not to tweak, copy, share, send, show off, perform, reproduce, publish, license, create spin-offs, transfer, or sell any info, software, products, or services you snag from this Website. Cancri eTech isn't handing out any express or implied rights or licenses under any patents, trademarks, copyrights, or other snazzy proprietary or intellectual property rights. And just so we're clear, copying any content from this site onto another website or any other media is a major party foul.

External Content Disclaimer (Third-Party)

The Website might have some links to other spots on the web, offering up content, products, and services from other folks, like users, advertisers, affiliates, and sponsors (aka "Third Party Content"). Just so you know, Cancri eTech isn't the one calling the shots on what's available on those other websites. It's a good idea to check out the privacy policies and other rules on those sites before diving in. Whatever personal data those third parties scoop up is under their own privacy policies, and Cancri eTech isn't taking the fall for their moves. When it comes to Third Party Content on the Website, covering everything from opinions to advice and ads, Cancri eTech isn't throwing down any guarantees. You're on your own when it comes to using that stuff, and that includes handling any claims of someone else messing with their intellectual property. If things go sideways in your interactions with third parties or their content, Cancri eTech isn't picking up the tab for any losses or damages.

Non-Confidential Information Submission

Hey there! We're stoked that you're interested in what Cancri eTech is up to, but we've got to throw in a quick request: please don't shoot over any super-secret or exclusive info through our website. Just a heads up, anything you send our way won't be treated as hush-hush. When you fire over any info or stuff, you're basically handing Cancri eTech an all-access pass to use, tweak, share, and do pretty much whatever we want with it. You're also giving us the green light to run with any of your bright ideas, savvy techniques, or cool know-how that you decide to share. Now, we're not planning on spilling the beans on your name and info without your say-so, unless some rare situations pop up, as laid out in our Privacy Statement. For all the nitty-gritty on how we handle your info, you can dive into Cancri eTech's Privacy Statement.

Disclaimer of Warranties

Alright, buckle up, friend! The scoop on this website, including any fancy software, is laid out just the way it is, no frills attached. Cancri eTech isn't throwing out any promises, whether in-your-face or between the lines. We're not swearing by this site's business smarts, its clean rap sheet, or its knack for any specific job. When it comes to the website's nitty-gritty, Cancri eTech isn't guaranteeing it's the whole package or that third-party content is on point. While we're hustling to keep this place virusfree, we're not swearing off computer bugs. If you hit a snag like damages or data loss from snatching stuff off the website, Cancri eTech isn't holding the bag. We're not putting money on the website meeting your wish list, playing glitch-free, locking down tight, or guaranteeing spot-on results. It's the real talk, no beating around the bush.

Damage Limitation

To the max extent the law allows, Cancri eTech is waving off any responsibility or blame for any party's ride on the damage train. That includes the whole shebang-direct hits, sneak attacks, surprises, the big bang, or anything out of the blue linked to this website. Whether you're cruising this site, another one linked here, or diving into some resource connected to it, Cancri eTech isn't picking up the tab for any wild ride. We're talking about claims fueled by slip-ups, gaps, bloopers, or twists in the products. Snagging, snagging, or grabbing anything-be it materials, info, products, or services-could be a rollercoaster, and Cancri eTech isn't forking out for lost dough, business hiccups, piggy bank hits, or saying adios to your programs or data. This holds true, even if Cancri eTech knew these damages might crash the party. This "get out of jail free" card covers all legal showdowns, whether they're all about contracts, warranties, or some other legal mumble-jumble.

Modifications, Revisions, Amendments

Cancri eTech holds the power, just for itself, to tweak, adjust, tack on, or nix any chunk of these Terms of Use whenever it feels like it, all on its own. Any tweaks to the Terms of Use kick in right away once we put up a notice. If you keep using the Website after we've made changes, you're on board with the updated Terms of Use. Cancri eTech might wrap up, tweak, pause, or shut down any part of the Website, including features and services, whenever it wants. We might also put the brakes on certain features and services or limit your access to specific parts or the whole website without giving you a heads-up or taking on any responsibility. You get that Cancri eTech can pull the plug on the granted permission, rights, and license anytime it feels like it.