Cancri e Technologies Inc., or as we like to call it, Cancri eTech, is your go-to for IT services, consulting, and business solutions. We're all about tech-savvy solutions with a side of friendly advice. As we dive into the tech world, we might get a peek at some sensitive business stuff, including your personal info. Keeping that safe and sound is as important to us as maple syrup is to pancakes.

Our Security Vision is all about making Cancri eTech the trusted, tough, and rock-solid superhero in this crazy, ever-changing world of surprises, challenges, and tech hiccups. This Security Policy is like our secret handshake, showing our commitment to keeping all the data and goodies we handle super safe. It's our way of making sure Cancri eTech and our buddies (that's you!) have a smooth, risk-free, and protected journey in the tech universe.

Cancri eTech is rolling out a top-notch security setup, you betcha!

Keeping info and assets on lockdown from any sneaky business with the right security moves-physical, digital, and personnel-wise. All this jazz follows the rules everywhere Cancri eTech does its thing. Smooth business ops that jive with the needs and promises we make to our peeps. Each department and person does their bit to follow this Policy, and everyone knows the security score to meet these obligations.

There's a hotline for our crew and others to spill the beans on security gaps, breaches, or if the service hits a snag. We've got a sturdy plan to tackle those security issues and keep an eye on how we're doing, always pushing to get better. This Policy gets its muscle from Standards, Procedures, and Guidelines in our Security Management System. Everyone in the game can check it out to keep the security standards ticking. We give our Security Management System a regular check-up to make sure it's still the go-to for how we roll and meets what our fans want.

This Policy is the boss of Cancri eTech's worldwide gig and all its buddies under the hood. It's the law for every team member, business pal, and outsider with the golden ticket to our gear, IT systems, and info playground.