How's it goin', eh? This here Privacy Policy spills the beans on how Cancri e Technologies Incorporation, or as we like to call ourselves, "Cancri eTech," looks after your personal data. We're talkin' about the info of our clients (that's you, if you're into our products, outsourcing, or extra services), our crew (past, present, or future - employees, interns, the whole shebang), anyone eyeing a job with us, our partners in crime (contractors, suppliers, you name it), and the folks who've had a say in our Board of Directors, past or present. If you're in our data world, this one's for you, eh?

So, listen up - this Privacy Notice lays it all out about how we handle and keep safe the personal info we get our hands on at Cancri eTech. It's not just what you tell us directly; we're also talking about the personal data we pick up from other places, as long as the law says it's cool.

Whenever we mention "Cancri eTech" in this Privacy Policy, we mean Cancri e Technologies Incorporation. Got it, eh?

What's All This Aboot - Privacy Policy Coverage, Eh?

Alright, listen up, folks! This Privacy Notice spills the beans on how we roll with your info when you're cruisin' through our websites - yep, the ones connected to this Privacy Notice. We call 'em "Cancri eTech's Websites."

Now, we might toss in some links to other websites - you know, for your convenience and all. But once you hit those links, you're off our turf, and we can't vouch for what goes down on those sites. They might have their own privacy game, different from ours. We don't give 'em a thumbs up or anything. So, any info you dish out or they scoop up on those other sites, even if they're linked from ours, doesn't dance to our Privacy Notice tune. Take a minute to scope out their privacy scene before you spill the beans.

Oh, and we're social too! You might find some social media buttons hangin' out on our site. Feel free to hit 'em up and share the Cancri eTech love. But, heads up - what you share or what gets scooped up might be in the spotlight on those social media platforms. Take a sec to check out their privacy gigs and settings so you're in the know about what they're up to.

Stuff We Might Know Aboot You, Eh? - Personal Info by Cancri eTech

Eh, we might need to snag some personal tidbits from you - you know, like your First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Job Title, Company Name, Country, City, and Phone Number. When you toss us this info to sort you out with our goods or services, we'll take the liberty, within the bounds of the rules, to gather, use, and spill the beans to third parties for the purposes we've spilled in this Privacy Notice.

Connectin' with Cancri eTech on Socials, Eh?

You can shoot the breeze with us on social media sites or use the cool features on Cancri eTech websites that buddy up with social media platforms. When you're chattin' with us on these platforms, you might give us the nod to peek at some info from your social media profile, depending on your privacy settings there. Just so you know, when you're checking out our websites on your mobile gadget, we might grab some personal intel. Cool, eh?

Checking Us Out on Your Mobile, Eh?

We might snag your personal info, like your First Name, Last Name, E-mail Address, Job Title, Organization Name, Country, City, Phone Number, IP address, and Device details.

If you toss us your mobile number, you're basically saying, "Sure, use it for the stuff you told me about in this Privacy Notice." But hey, if you're not vibing with text notifications on your mobile device, just let us know. We won't bug you with your mobile number for that stuff unless we have to by law or for legit business reasons.

How We Put Your Info to Good Use, Eh?

At Cancri eTech, we take the personal data we gather, and, you know, make things happen. We use it to provide info you asked for, evaluate inquiries, and handle requests for products and services. We're also in the game of offering subscription-related services, letting you download cool stuff, and keeping the communication flow with our clients smooth.

Administrative tasks, data analysis to check how our website is doing, and cooking up marketing campaigns? Yep, we do that too. Our goal? Keeping the leads warm, running those snazzy marketing campaigns, making our brand shine, offering top-notch services, and, of course, drumming up some demand.

Now, we get that the legal dance can vary based on local rules, but we usually consider our legitimate interests as the green light for all this processing jazz. Quick heads up: the data we collect is mostly about business stuff, not your weekend plans or what you binge-watch. We're all about privacy, offering easy opt-out options, and keeping data not a second longer than needed. Anything we get from you is totally your call, and we're all about getting specific consent when we need it before diving into any personal info. Cool, eh?

Spillin' the Beans to Other Folks, Eh?

At Cancri eTech, your personal info is like the secret recipe for maple syrup - we keep it under wraps. No sharing with affiliates, partners, or any other company, unless:

You Ask for It:
When you specifically want some Cancri eTech goodness, we'll share the deets to get you what you asked for.

You Say "Aye":
If you give us the green light, we might spill the beans.
Plus, there are a couple of other situations where we might have to spill a bit of the syrup, like: Sometimes, we might have to share a bit of info with the Mounties (that's the authorities, eh?) or other folks in uniform. Here's when:

1) Following the Law, Eh:
If the law says we have to spill the beans, we might share info with the government, law enforcement, or other legal types.

2) Keeping it Legal:
If there's some shady business going on - like illegal activities or suspected fraud - we'll do our duty and share what's needed.

3) Protecting the Nest:
To protect our rights, property, or the safety of our Cancri eTech family, we might need to let out a secret or two.

4) Passing the Torch:
If Cancri eTech joins forces with another company, we might have to hand over the keys, but only if they promise to protect your info as well as we do.
So, rest assured, we don't spill the syrup unless it's for a darn good reason, eh?

Tweaking the Privacy Game, Eh?

Hey there, friend! Our Privacy Policy might get a fresh coat of snow every now and then. Keep an eye on this page for the latest, eh? We recommend giving it a read now and then so you're always in the loop on the latest changes. Stay frosty and private, bud!