Hey there, welcome to Cancri eTech, where we're riding the Canadian tech wave, exploring the wonders of Salesforce, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Science, ERP, CRM, Internet of Things (IoT), and Cloud technologies. We're a bunch of tech enthusiasts on a mission to turn these cutting-edge tools into innovation and deliver mind-blowing solutions for our clients in the great white north, eh!

At Cancri eTech, we've got some exciting career opportunities for folks with skills in these high-tech domains. If you're a Salesforce whiz with a knack for the Canadian way, we've got roles that let you whip up custom solutions, unlocking the full potential of our clients' businesses. We're also on the lookout for AI and Data Science maestros who can work magic with advanced algorithms and data analytics, dishing out insights and steering decision-making with data, Canadian style.

Joining our squad means getting your hands dirty with groundbreaking projects that redefine the limits of AI and Data Science, leaving a lasting mark in various Canadian industries, eh!

Explore our current job openings and kickstart a career that's all about the power of Salesforce, AI, Data Science, ERP, CRM, IoT, and Cloud technologies in the Canadian tech scene. Here at Cancri eTech, you'll be part of a crew that's not just working but reshaping Canadian industries and driving digital transformation. Dive into this thrilling journey with us today and become a part of a team that's turning the Canadian tech world upside down, eh?

For the ERP and CRM champs out there, we've got roles where you can implement, customize, and fine-tune these solutions for our Canadian clients. Work hand-in-hand with Canadian clients, understand their unique needs, and craft ERP and CRM solutions that are not just efficient but also uniquely Canadian. In the world of IoT, we're hunting for talents who can cook up innovative solutions connecting devices, crunching data, and making decisions smart, Canadian style. As an IoT pro at Cancri eTech, you'll team up with diverse talents to create ecosystems that redefine Canadian industries and shape the future, eh? Cloud technologies are the heartbeat of our operations, and we're always scouting for stars with Canadian Cloud skills-whether you're the master of infrastructure, the DevOps guru, or the Cloud architecture wizard. We've got opportunities where you can flex your skills to whip up scalable, secure, and top-notch Cloud solutions for our Canadian clients.

Joining our squad means stepping into a dynamic, collaborative work vibe that thrives on innovation, constant learning, and career growth, Canadian style. We're all about making sure you stay ahead in the ever-evolving Canadian tech landscape-comprehensive training, certifications, and a supportive atmosphere are all on the menu, eh? At Cancri eTech, we're all about diversity, inclusion, and letting those creative juices flow. We believe the best solutions come from different perspectives and team collaborations, Canadian style. When you join us, you'll be rolling with Canadian industry experts and thought leaders who live and breathe pushing tech's boundaries.

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At Cancri eTech, we're on a mission to revolutionize the tech landscape with the power of innovation. Recognizing the immense potential of recent graduates, we're eager to bring fresh perspectives, cutting-edge knowledge, and a passion for pushing boundaries into our team. By welcoming graduates on board, we're creating a platform for them to unleash their potential, actively contributing to groundbreaking projects that drive technological advancements. Our commitment to cultivating a culture of continuous learning and growth ensures that graduates are equipped with the skills needed to thrive in the dynamic high-tech industry. Through strategic collaborations with educational institutions and active participation in community outreach programs, we actively support the development of future talent, empowering graduates to leave their mark and create a positive impact. Join Cancri eTech and become a vital part of our high-tech journey, where your ideas and aspirations are not just welcomed, but cherished, as we collectively build a brighter and better future.

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