A cookie, eh, is a little file with a bunch of letters and numbers that hangs out on your computer or mobile when you check out certain websites. When you swing by that same site again, the cookie goes back for another visit. Cookies are handy, helping a website figure out and remember your gadget. They've got their fingers in all sorts of pies, doing things like website spying (keeping tabs on visitors and what they're up to), giving you ads made just for you, remembering what you like, and making logins a breeze.

Essential Cookies: These are the heavy hitters that keep the website in line. You can't shut them down, but they don't play around with personal info.

Performance Cookies: We use these to keep tabs on visits and where folks are coming from to keep the website running smooth. All the info is stripped of names, though. If you nix these, we won't catch you stopping by, and it messes with how we keep tabs on things.

Functional Cookies: These are the cool cats that make the website do fancy stuff and feel personal, whether we or our buddies set them up. If you say no, some stuff might not work as slick as it should.

We're into cookies for tweaking content and seeing how much action we're getting. If you want the full scoop on each cookie and what they're up to, check out the cookie categories. And if you change your mind about cookies, you're the boss. Hit up Cookie Settings anytime, eh.